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my first icon tutorial!
how to go from


a tutorial made with photoshop cs3, simple as hell, not translatable ):

first resize and crop your image and sharpen it.

now since it's way too yellow, make a new selective colour layer with these settings:
yellows: C +100 M -17 Y -100
cyans: C +32 Y -100
neutrals: Y -17

then make a new fill layer and fill it with #533015 (dark, redish brown). set the layer to exclusion 100%. after that duplicate your base, set it to soft light 100% and drag it to the top. at this point you can flatten your image if you like.

make a new hue/saturation layer and set the saturation to +30. after this, make a brightness/contrast layer and set the brightness to +8.

it's okay now as it is, but as a finishing touch, i added a this lighting texture to screen 43% and put it between the two girls.

and you're done! :3

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(Deleted comment)

ja ihana tut! :D

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