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long time no icons

24 downton abbey icons (s1e1)
it has been such a long time since i last made anything with photoshop you can probably tell i had no idea what i was doing... but hey, downton abbey. and thomas. oh thomas.

comment if taking ♔ credit not must ♔ enjoy!
rules? ♔ credits?







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These are very nice :) I'm taking #23!

Took number 17. I love me a bit of Thomas smoking. (Yes, that is a bit random.)

Do you mind if I repost some of these on my blog? I'll give you full credit of course & link back.

No I don't mind, I'm quite flattered actually! :)

+ I would like if you linked the post for me though!

Lovely icons! I'm adding them to my memories, and will credit if used.

May I have 14 and 23? Thank you!

Feel free to take as many as you wish :)

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