first icon post - old icons
little dorrit


marilyn monroe [1 - 12]
stock [13 - 32]
sherlock holmes [33 - 40]
harry potter + cast [41 - 68]
kate moss [69 - 80]
lark rise to candleford [81 - 88]
regina spektor [89 - 92]
amy macdonald [93 - 100]

comment if taking ♔ credit not must ♔ enjoy!
rules? ♔ credits?

i try to make this credit list as good as possible. if you notice i have used some of your pictures/textures and haven't credited, please let me know and i'll add you to my list.

DISCLAIMER: please notice that the images/textures i'm using is not mine! i only do the editing, which is why i don't demand credit.

» tumblr
» we ♥ it
» flickr
» bbc one's photostream
» bonnie wright online
» marie antoinette stills
» battered rose
» i♥
» fuck yeah stephen fry
» rachel mcadams online

» we ♥ textures
» aube des arts
» pinky place
» la pinacotheque
» kaikan crown
» creamy plot
» xsakitjiwax
» &brushes

» no icon-image from la pinacotheque
» a colouring i use way too often is actually pretty directly from starrex
» ... and another colouring which i adore and use very often is from euphoriart
» adobe for the wonderful programs adobe photoshop cs3 and adobe photoshop elements 7
» finfanfun's awesome graphic makers who inspired me to start doing graphics myself

thank you! ♥

also a phoenix rises from its ashes
 even though i don't write a personal  lj anymore, i do love making graphics, and i know that the best place for publishing them is here. i listed my rules below, and i hope you will enjoy my graphics as much as i enjoy making them. i will make a resource post soon as well.


 credit is not required, but of course it would be nice
 always comment if taking!
 if you want to edit, ask a permission first
 no hotlinks - save to your own server
 comments are loved

thank you for reading this!
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